Join today the EU platform for cities against sexist advertisement

Media and advertising have a strong impact on our awareness and attitudes. Many studies have shown that sexism and negative stereotypes of women prevail in today’s advertisements and contribute to justifying and perpetuating inequalities between genders. Social democrats have long been combatting sexist advertising, which goes against our principles of gender equality. This initiative to fight against "sexism in Advertisement" took form on the occasion of the International Women’s Day 2018, S&D launched as the “EU-Platform of S&D led Cities against Sexist Advertisement” during a conference on 6th March 2018, during the S&D group meeting. The aim of this platform is to fight, not only all types of discrimination against women, but sexism and stereotypes in advertisement by awarding those cities and municipalities who have implemented legislation to ban this sexist and stereotyped advertisement from public spaces or who have taken the decision to do so and who are ready to follow and apply the Charter. This Charter was drafted by S&D group in close cooperation with the PES group in the Committee of Regions. Following the very successful event in the S&D group meeting on the 6th of March against sexism in advertising, we are now receiving a number of requests from local entities such as mayors, mayors’ candidates or even local elected persons asking to join the platform.

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