Relaunching Europe - Our Alternative Vision for the Future

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'Relaunching Europe - Our Alternative Vision for the Future' is an event where you can have your say and ask your questions on Europe and its future. With music by top Belgian band Suarez.

The event will take place in Brussels on 3 October, 5:30pm, Autoworld, Brussels (map), with debates focused on the political, academic and cultural dimensions of Europe's future. We would like to invite you to join the debate. Simply fill in the registration form below to confirm your attendance and to be kept up to date with all the latest information.

Ahead of the debate, you can submit questions through our Relaunching Europe Facebook page or on Twitter @TheProgressives using #RelaunchingEurope.

Context of Relaunching Europe

Europe is facing a crisis. A financial and economic crisis that has put the spotlight on the institutional and political weaknesses of the European Union.

Economic recovery is now a priority for Europe - but we must also address the structural problems, to ensure that Europe comes out of the crisis stronger, more united and ready to face new challenges.

We believe that by reflecting on the founding values of the European project we can take a fresh look at improving the way Europe functions. By returning to the original vision that united Europe we can build a new vision for the future - a vision with which we can relaunch Europe for a better future

Wednesday 3 October 2012,  17:30 at Autoworld, Brussels

REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  Wednesday 3 October 2012, 12.00